The day the sun didn’t rise

El día que el sol no salió

It’s Wednesday September 9, 2020, and the sun didn’t come out in San Francisco. Actually, it didn’t come out in the Bay Area at all. Cars are...

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How a Witch Works Energy

Cómo funciona una bruja Energía

My version of witchcraft is deeply experiential. I don’t read about it, or think about it, or talk about it, as much as I experience it. I live it....

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How I Use My Altar

Cómo Uso Mi Altar

I have had an altar in my home for most of my adult life. The most recent incarnation of my altar is about 15 years old, it’s an Ikea coffee table...

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As Within, So Without

Como Es Adentro, Es Afuera

The lovely Brian Truskowski interviewed me for his podcast “Illuminate”. In introducing myself, I found myself saying that I’m a witch, I work...

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The Time for Magic


It’s time for me to teach magic. As in, formally, to aspiring witches that need guidance in bridging Earth and Fire.To those that sense Spirit, that...

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What Magic Is and Isn’t

Qué es y qué no es la magia

I live a very magical life and I am so deeply grateful for it. A magical life is a wonderful and wonder-filled existence. It’s a life of delight, of...

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The Liberation in Discomfort

La liberacion en la incomodidad

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be uncomfortable and why folks are so terrified of the idea. The illusion of certainty (even if the...

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On Transforming Toxic Relationships

Sobre la transformacion de las relaciones toxicas

No hace mucho, estaba en una relación que no era buena para mí. No era bueno para mí antes de irme, pero supongo que tuve que quedarme todo el tiempo que me quedara para asegurarme de que no iba a mejorar.

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The Language of Genocide

El Lenguaje Del Genocidio

George Floyd was assassinated by Minneapolis police for no damn good reason. I personally believe there’s very very very rarely a good reason to...

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Better Than You

Mejor Que Tú

Amongst all the violence and bullshit going on in the world, specifically in the US, it’s hard to know where to put my attention. Black people have...

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A Witch’s Inner Work

El trabajo interno de una bruja

  In the time of Covid, there’s been a lot of discussion about what “work” actually is. Many men (mostly men, anyway), who weren’t able to...

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The Gift in the Economic Crash

El Regalo del Colapso Económico

As I have mentioned before, the economy is a collective hallucination. Given the world came to a halt and the majority of people on the planet are...

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On Being OK

El estar bien

Over two weeks ago, Bay Area residents were asked to please stay in their homes as much as possible in an effort to curve the global pandemic that...

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Akashic Records

Registros akáshicos

I spent some time last week working with my Akashic Records, just because having a look at everything that ever was, is, and will be, since before...

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Yesterday, the Bay Area went into lockdown in an attempt to slow down the coronavirus pandemic. For someone who grew up in a place with actual, real...

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El miedo al miedo

El miedo al miedo

Ayer tuve la suerte de estar en Chile para el #8M, la marcha celebrando el día internacional de la mujer. Fue increíble participar en el evento. UNA...

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Belonging with My Human

Perteneciendo a mi humano

  There is a man in my life. I like everything about him, except for his freezing cold feet that startle the shit out of me when I accidentally...

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I am so super incredibly busy right now. I have to deliver a huge paper to a client this Friday. It’s not actually due til Monday but I want to...

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A Cup of Concrete

Una taza de concreto

I spent last week with a group of Australians working on some strategy to help restore the world’s ecosystems. It was a complete privilege to do...

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On What Might Work

Sobre lo que podría funcionar

Tonight I went and saw a dear friend of mine perform in “Butterfly Effect”, a dance show about climate change, activism, and how a diverse community...

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It wasn’t peace, it was silence.

No era paz, era silencio.

As I wrote about here, Chile is going through a really interesting process of trying to figure out how to reinvent itself in a way that most of its...

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I love me a new year. As an Aries, the idea of a fresh start is what I’m all about. The blank page. The cleanliness of not having messed up yet. The...

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The Tech Bubble

La Burbuja Tecnológica

  As you know, the economy is a collective hallucination. It is not a natural occurrence that we have no control over, it is agreed-upon...

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Fear vs. Intuition

Miedo vs Intuición

“How do we distinguish between fear and intuition?” My friend texted me this question the other day, with no context and no further detail. Rather...

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Trolling the trolls

Troleando a los Troles

For the last couple of years, I’ve made it a habit to call out, to varying degrees of “publicly”, all white and/or all male spaces, specifically...

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On Magic and Science

Sobre Magia y Ciencia

For the last few weeks, I have noticed that pretty consistently, things that I think of come to pass. I did notice such a phenomenon as a child and...

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Short-term Memory

Memoria de Corto Plazo

A month ago, in the middle of July, I was in Aylesford, Kent, in England, teaching a leadership training for social justice leaders. It was a dream...

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The Revolution of Insanity

La Revolución de la Locura

One of my besties is certifiably insane. As in, not having “bouts of depression”, or “panic attacks”, though that is certainly a part of it (and...

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This is what middle-aged looks like

Así se ve la Mediana Edad

I have felt absolutely middle aged this week. Which should not be surprising considering that I am in fact 44 years old, which is pretty much...

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