I am so super incredibly busy right now. I have to deliver a huge paper to a client this Friday. It’s not actually due til Monday but I want to spend the weekend weekending, so I’m gonna be done by Friday come hell or high water. This is a big piece of work, and it matters to me a lot, and I want it to be amazing, and I feel like I barely have enough time to finish, so for a few days I’ve been negotiating with myself about things I can not do so I can be writing instead.

This morning, I realized that it’s Tuesday. That’s Ekeko day. Ekeko (according to Wikipedia) is the Tiwanakan god of abundance and prosperity. According to me, Ekeko is an old friend I first met when I was a little girl and whom I finally got reacquainted with last year. My relationship with Ekeko has been evolving and deepening since last April, when my dear friend Ale and I decided to exchange Ekekos as gifts when we were in La Tirana, Chile. La Tirana is a dinky little town of 500 in the Atacama Desert, that hosts 250,000 people every July for their annual festival. I’ve been obsessed with this festival my whole life, and I will be attending this July for the first time (inshallah), and last April I was roadtripping in the area with girlfriends and I begged them to come check out La Tirana with me. They acquiesced cause I have the best friends on Earth.

Anyway, we were in la Tirana and Ale and I bought Ekekos for each other. The thing is, Ekeko will have your back money-wise, but you also need to hook him up, and he most appreciates a weekly cigarette, particularly on Tuesdays or Fridays. So Ale and I have been Whatsapping each other videoclips of our smoking Ekekos on Tuesday since last April. I have to admit that Ekeko has totally delivered for me, he’s been generous and made sure I can live comfortably as a relatively new business owner in San Francisco, which is no small feat.

This morning as I was seating at my altar and when I saw Ekeko, I freaked out. Shit, I definitely don’t have time for today to be Tuesday. I wanna finish my morning ritual, and I need to write write write, I also should have written this blog last night, and I need to go pick up the couch I bought (thanks Ekeko!) and I just can’t even. And then I took a deep breath and remembered that while tending to magic and building my relationship with Ekeko (which is just the aspect of Life that I’m working on connecting with at the moment) might seem like it’s not gonna be the smart choice to get everything done that “needs to be done” on an Earthly plane, it actually matters to me a whole lot. And I trust life.

So I chose to trust the whole thing was gonna work out just fine, took my Ekeko outside, gave him his weekly cigarette, and realized while I waited for him to smoke, that there is no reason for me to go get the couch since the movers are going and they have the address, I just need to be home to receive it. All of a sudden I found myself a solid hour or two of writing that I couldn’t have found with my linear, planning mind cause it hadn’t occurred to me, as dumb as it sounds. And it just happened to occur to me as I was tending to what actually matters to me the most: my spiritual life, my relationship with Life, and magic. 

And this, my friends, is how we build the muscle of trusting life. It’s important that I build this muscle on the daily, in small ways that are not terribly critical, so when the Zombie Apocalypse is undeniably here, I already have the strength I need to help us all make it through.

So mote it be.