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Has your search for spiritual connection left you feeling more empty than enlightened?

Imagine waking up every day deeply empowered to thrive because you have a clear purpose, and finally understand how to work with divine energy to create the meaningful life you crave.

There is a way to work magic so that you can live as you truly wish and find your authentic place in the world.

Liberation Magic will begin your transformation. In 90 days. For real.

Liberation Magic is here for you.

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So you can go from…

  • Disappointed with traditional religions to fully liberated in your quest for Spirit
  • Disenchanted by “manifestation gurus” to actually making change in your life
  • Disenfranchised by an oppressive system designed to fuck you over to empowered to live a life you enjoy – and help others do the same
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It’s actual magic for real life results.

Because you know what happens when you finally know how to work magic with ease?

You wake up every morning EXCITED to tackle your day, because you have the tools you need to handle it – like magic. You feel grounded, calm, clear, energized, and optimistic – knowing that you you have the power and influence to build the life you want, so that everything from your career to your relationships feels like an outpouring of love & abundance from your own sacred source.

The life you crave becomes a reality because you are confidently building it with magic.

More money in your bank account because you’ve finally opened yourself to universal abundance? Check.

Fulfillment in your career because you can finally see the impact you’re making on the world, and it feels totally aligned with your purpose? Check.

Knowing deep in your bones that YOU are the only spiritual authority you need, instead of looking to external gurus? Check.

You have more time to focus on what truly makes you happy now that you’re not STRESSING about how to make it happen.

Results don’t happen by accident.

They happen because you have followed a system and process, taken the steps, done the work, and received the help necessary to get where you want to go. Period.

You’ve already tried:

  • Buying self-help books (maybe even reading them) — but they never seem to truly describe what you are supposed to actually DO
  • Attending personal development workshops — only to see your enthusiasm wane after a few weeks
  • Studying classical sacred texts — but not understanding how they are relevant to you
  • Buying crystals — and not being too sure what to do with them)
  • Therapy

It’s frustrating and demoralizing to feel like you’ve tried (or at least considered) it all, and to be honest you’re TIRED and ready for a different way.

Walking a spiritual path is not for the faint of heart, and learning to work real magic might sound impossible, – but you only need to read the testimonials below to know that it isn’t.

The truth is, you are SO ready to make your dreams come true and to connect with Spirit.

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Stop positive thinking, vision-boarding, and “manifesting” without getting results.

You want to create the life that you crave, to feel divine, to feel empowered. But more often than not you feel confused, frustrated, and disappointed that your efforts are not working.

You’ve probably googled around for some ideas, read The Secret, tried learning to “manifest”, maybe even downloaded some meditation apps.

You have flirted with psychic readings, tarot cards, and read your horoscope regularly.

You know all about self-care but somehow all those green smoothies haven’t delivered on deep personal fulfillment, or getting what you want.

You are curious about spirituality, and more importantly, having a good life, but your attempts thus far haven’t helped you get there.

Your heart whispers to you that magic is real… but you’re starting to believe that the spiritual path isn’t for you, at least not in the way you’ve tried it.

Real talk:

The reason those things haven’t worked for you is because you have not found the right support to do the work that you need to do.

All spiritual traditions recommend people don’t venture down the path alone.

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As a Witch, I was shown the way by my grandmother and other teachers. I did not get to where I am by myself, just googling “witchcraft”, “brujería” or “magic”. I committed to a path of magic and had the right mentors and teachers. 

In other words: you’ve been missing the right balance of support, instruction, theory, practice, and clarity of goal.

We’ve seen clients struggle with this over and over again, which is why we created our Witchcraft Course, Liberation Magic.

With this program, we’ve helped dozens of clients use their power, connect to Spirit, know they are magic and start to make their dreams come true in 3 months.

So that they could finally…

Get a new job after 15 years of being stuck with a boss they hated like Joelle.

Feel ready to join the dating game again after years of feeling unworthy of love like Jill.

Know how to use trance as a part of spellcasting to easily get results in your daily life like Dion.

Embrace a new vibrant perspective on your life as full of possibility like Heather.

Go from solo practitioner to a member of a magical community wordsmith like Laura

If you are ready to explore a spiritual path that makes your daily life better, that helps you solve actual problems, that feels exciting and alive, then Liberation Magic is for you.


Our approach is different than trying to figure it out on your own because getting clarity of purpose, explicit instruction on magical tools, and support along the way is what will make this work for you.

Here are a few things you’ll end up with:

  • Magical tools such as spellcasting and divination that will uplift every area of your life with the ability to create, feel, and behave in ways that were previously unavailable to you
  • A deep understanding of the basic principles of magic so that every potential drawback is an opportunity for transformation
  • Practical instructions on how to work with the Elements to plug into the power of Nature as an ally every step of the way
  • Guidance on how to cultivate a relationship with the Divine so that you can always have access to immense power and guidance
  • Exploration techniques for the Spiritual Realm so you don’t get lost, pulled down or scared by energetic realms
  • Methods to address, heal, and manifest in all aspects of yourself: physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual
  • The Knowledge of Air/ East to access your mind
  • The Energy of Fire/ South to act and do your will
  • The Emotion of Water/ West to feel all your joys, and other feels
  • The Courage of Earth/ North to create the life of your dreams in your body, now
  • The Spiritual Center necessary for your own path
  • A daily practice that will empower you to transform your life through daily ritual, ceremony, scrying, and trance
  • Practical spells to bring the tangible outcomes that you want

Liberation Magic will offer you the supportive community you need for magical exploration. Come and learn the actual magical tools you need to create an awesome life.

Here’s what we are looking for, and how to know if Liberation Magic is right for you:

Liberation Magic seeks spiritual seekers and aspiring witches that meet a specific set of criteria.

The fact is — we can only accept a limited number of participants at any given time — and (because of our guarantee below) we only work with those who are qualified and ready to show up, do the work, and focus to achieve the objectives of the program.

Because of this, it’s imperative that every participant is truly ready for this level of growth — for actual magic for real life — and has the attitude and drive to make the most of their time in our Brujería Program, Liberation Magic to get there!

It is really exciting to support folks on a spiritual path find something that truly clicks and changes their lives, but we must make sure you are qualified (and ready) before we commit to working with you in this program.


  • Spiritually inclined individuals who are committed to working real magic in 13 weeks
  • People who want to grow spiritually
  • Folks that are curious about magic but don’t know where to start
  • Aspiring witches who are open-minded and willing to take action
  • People who have some sense of Divine Power in their lives (but maybe are not sure what that means)
  • Those who trust, or want to trust God/ Goddess/ Nature, some sort of Spirit, Higher Power, Unconditional Love
  • Anyone who has tried it all to improve their lives and still hasn’t found what they’re looking for


  • People who are scared of witchcraft
  • People who are rigid in their thinking
  • People who don’t take the action
  • People who don’t stick with it
  • People who don’t want to get results
  • People who get off on being victims in their lives

How we’ll work together through Liberation Magic:

The format of Liberation Magic is what makes it truly unique and helps you achieveresults that were previously not possible.

When we speak, AFTER YOU APPLY, I’ll explain the entire format and structure in detail.

For now, what’s most important to know is that we use a blend of…

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Easy to Follow CONTENT

Every other Wednesday we’ll meet on a video call and I will walk you through the Liberation Magic framework step-by-step.

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You will be surrounded by other magicians just like you — with similar goals to yours. Because we are so selective about who is allowed into the program, rest assured this is a highly curated community — so get excited to meet everyone!

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Small Group COACHING

On the Wednesdays we are not learning content, we’ll meet in a small group to go over your goals, practices, and questions about the framework and process.

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Learn how to cast powerful spells to make changes in your life now – regarding health, wealth, love, confidence, better relationships, whatever your heart desires.

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The hardest part about getting what we want is knowing what that is, and then aligning those desires with the power to make it happen. Liberation Magic shows you how.

daily practice


It’s called a spiritual practice for a reason, and I’ll teach you exactly what to do so you can grow in peace, confidence and bliss.


We are 100% committed to helping you work magic. And by working magic I mean the ability to create, feel, and behave in ways that were previously unavailable to you. In other words: to actually make amazing shit happen that you have not been able to make happen without Liberation Magic.

That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you’re reading on this page is truly possible for you and if Liberation Magic is the best choice to get you there. Here’s the deal: Liberation Magic is a top option and the investment reflects that. That might make you question if it’s really “worth it,” and I get that.

So in case you are still hesitating to apply, here’s a guarantee that you can bank on:

I am willing to promise you that if you participate in all of the calls, implement all of the work, and do not see spiritual growth as a result of Liberation Magic, then I will let you take the program again at no cost to you. If after that you genuinely don’t see results, and become the first person for whom Liberation Magic doesn’t work, I’ll buy the program back from you. Become a devoted student of Liberation Magic at no financial risk: it will work or your money back. That simple.

If you’re truly ready for profound transformation and are willing to do the work to get there with the guidance and support of Liberation Magic, there is absolutely no reason NOT to apply today.

If you’re ready to finally see those results you’ve been wanting, and if you’re ready to make those dreams come true, let’s do this.

“I think it’s obvious to anyone who knows Maritza and how her life unfolds and what she’s doing in the world that she has a powerful connection to ancestral magical traditions and to wisdom beyond this realm. My trust in her ability to guide us in ritual and insights and transformation is total.”
Ariane Conrad

Berlin, Germany

“Maritza was the first witch I ever met and inspired me to learn and embark on the path myself. She has always answered my baby questions with absolute patience and is open about her practices, which gave me a window into what being a witch might involve. Plus, she’s intuitive AF and an inspiring broad, generally speaking.”
Meg Crawford

Melbourne, Australia

“Maritza is magic and also an amazing Bruja! Working with her gave me new ways of seeing my old patterns, I heard myself speaking in a voice that I wasn’t expecting. Maritza has the ability to mirror you and presents you with a new perspective of your thoughts. She is very generous with her knowledge and her innate ability for listening. I felt that after our meeting, I was able to open my wings and fly to get what I wanted for my personal and professional life. She has an immense set of skills as a coach and bruja that will help you to face any situation in your life.”

Alejandra Mena

Oakland, CA

“Over the years there are many times I have turned to Maritza and shared deeply with this wonderful human. Each time I have felt heard, validated, understood and loved unconditionally, Maritza’s presence and power is profound. She is truly a force to be reckoned with, 100% authentic, a fabulous and fun soul who is a lighthouse of wisdom… and a terrific dancer!!

Every now and then in this life, a remarkable person is able to cut through the dross, stir your spirit and make your heart sing – Maritza is a gift and her magic is extra-ordinary. Thank you Maritza for your guidance, healing, connection and love.
In deep gratitude,

Shelly Bennett

Sydney, Australia

“I’ve worked with Maritza for diverse projects within the spiritual community where we met.  She has a great ability to create a safe space and hold compassion for the emotions and ideas that come with individual and social discomfort at the same time as she provides a practical action/ritual-oriented outlook to navigate life. Her passion and commitment to the inherent witchcraft talents she was born with truly make her a “walk the talk” type of professional and anyone who works with her will be drawn into the stream of positive, smart, resilient life force. It is impossible not to love her!”
Alejandra Piedra

San Jose de Costa Rica

“Maritza doesn’t just do magic. Maritza IS magic.
She rolled into my life like a blazing ball of transformative fire and set me alight. She is infinitely talented, intuitive and can move mountains. Do not miss this opportunity to work with her. You deserve nothing but the best.”
Kendall Goddard

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Maritza is a magic maker who brings her huge heart and brilliance to everything she does. She is creative and wise, and I’m sure that Bruja School will help her students make the life changes needed for our collective transformation.”
Akaya Windwood

Oakland, CA

“Throughout the years, I have turned to Maritza when I needed the kind of  help that goes beyond good advice, the help you need when you know your soul is out of whack or there’s something in your way that can’t be removed by sticking to a to do list or using your time ” more efficiently.” The help you need when you know you are lost, spinning in circles, or just plain stuck. She helps you clear out the crap, and get to what matters. She’s tough, and clear, and funny.  She won’t let you make excuses and she offers you a path forward. It’s your job to take the path, but she clears the way. The rest is up to you, but isn’t it always?
Cathy Lerza

Berkeley, CA

“Maritza helped me and my son, with her magic knowledge, after I gave birth in my 27th week.  Of course, I never knew that at the moment, it was about a year after when she told me all the work, energy, and spells she had to use to save us.  Till that day on, she has constantly been encouraging me to work in my personal growth, and self esteem, guiding me through meditation and self awareness, teaching me simple “magic tricks”.
With her I’ve been able to learn about myself, the great universe, and life.”
Ana Carolina Sepulveda Torres

Curicó, Chile

“I didn’t even believe in magic until Maritza showed me how she operates in this world. And even though I remain a skeptic to all things that are unexplainable, time and again Maritza has shown me unbelievable wisdom, understanding of the world and insight in how we can make things work for us and for those around us. I am happy to have her in my life and think she has the power to drive real change and make magic happen.”

Carolina Rodriguez


Over your 13 weeks working through Liberation Magic, we will focus on the following areas and goals:

  1. magic
    • We’ll start with defining magic, getting clear on what it is and what it isn’t, and most importantly, preparing you to become a magic worker. We will go over everything you need to actually make magic happen in your life, and give you the exact practices and processes to work magic successfully. And by working magic I mean the ability to create, feel, and behave in ways that were previously unavailable to you. In other words: to actually make amazing shit happen that you have not been able to make happen without magic.
  2. energy
    • Energy is the building block of magic, and of all of Life, really. Understanding energy, how it affects us, and how we can affect it is a basic principle of magic. For me, being a Witch is all about being very practiced in the art of energy work – being able to identify different kinds of energy, and using the right energy for the right outcome. Working with energy to change your life is how magic works. It also makes your daily existence easier and a lot more fun!
  3. The Elements
    • Energy manifests through the Elements, and getting to know and understand them will give you a deeper knowledge of how to influence them to your advantage – always at the service of the Highest Good, of course. Water, Air, Earth, and Fire are powerful metaphors and real-life allies to make your life sparkle with delight.
  4. practices, tools and techniques
    • I will share with you the recipe for working magic, and give you an introduction to different tools:
      – spellcasting
      – meditation
      – trancework
      – magical writing
      – working with a pendulum
      – reading the Tarot
      – intentions
      – signs and symbols
  5. spirit
    • We will find a way to develop a powerful relationship with Spirit that works for you, even (and especially) if you’ve had bad experiences with religion or the idea of God in the past. A spiritual life is a powerful life, and a beautiful life, and a very practical life. Through our work together I will support your development to improve your physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, and spiritual experience as a human.
maritza schafer back view in a meadow facing a lake

There are two things that magic practitioners know about life:

  1. Everything is born, dies, and is reborn.
    The cycle of birth, death, and rebirth is unavoidable and inescapable. Everything in life begins, ends, and transmutes, and getting really comfortable with this fact is a very empowering process.
  2. Paradox is the organizing principle of Life, and embracing paradox is the key to living an awesome life.

    And a bonus third:

    Speaking truth is the path of liberation.

We are going to work closely together for 13 weeks to help you find your deepest truth – the path to your own faith and get specific instructions on how to work magic in your life – actual magic for real life!